French advertising plate for Sardines - Amieux Frère ~

French advertising plate for Sardines - Amieux Frère ~

The lovely antique plate was designed by Georges Dreyfus for the firm 'Amieux' as advertising to promote their cannery and was designed for serving sardines in a square tin. The plate shows a a little poem, surrounded by four relief moulded majolica sardines that says that this plate accepts only Amieux sardines. It dates from 1890 to 1910.

The edge of the plate is fully decorated with symbols of Bretagne, where sardines were fished and put in cans. A folkloric scene with dancers and a musician, a lighthouse, a sailboat in port and the advertising slogan of the firm within banners: 'Les Vraies Sardines Amieux Frères' and 'Portent la Devise Toujours Mieux' on a ermine cross background.

The back of the plate is printed with a list of other specialties supplied by Amieux Freres, a brand that is synonymous with gastronomy in France, even today.

Approx. 23cm diameter x 3cm high. In very good condition.

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