Vanity Fair Framed Chromolithograph Prints

Set of 4 Vanity Fair Framed Chromolithograph Prints

Fantastic set of four framed Vanity Fair lithographs from the 1800s. I have taken one out of the frame to see if the whole plate is there and it is along with the article that went with it. I am presuming all other three are the same but I don't want to undo and check. All in good condition - over 130 years old - so please expect some foxing etc.

Men of the Day No.178 - Frederick Arthur Wellesley - 'Promotion by Merit' - 25 May 1878 - by Carlo Pellegrini 'Ape'

Men of the Day No.397 - Mr Reginald Walkelyine Chandos-Pole - 'Shandy' - 3 March 1888 - by Sir Leslie Ward 'Spy'

Henry Wellesley 3rd Duke of Wellington - The Iron Duke's Grandson - 3rd January 1885 - by Carlo Pellegrini 'Ape'

Mr John Henniker Heaton MP - International Penny Posstage - 17 September 1887 - by Sir Leslie Ward 'Spy'

Vanity Fair, the well known English weekly, provided interesting social, literary and political features for 46 years from 1868 to 1914 but its greatest legacy are the full page caricatures of famous men and women of the day. “Spy” (Leslie Ward) and “Ape” (Carlo Pellegrini) were two of the most prolific and popular artists who provided the magazine with these delightful illustrations.

Approx measurements of frame: 30.5cm wide x 44cm high .

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